Thursday, December 3, 2009

No news is....good news?

I hate sleep. I really, really do. I find the need for it utterly unfair. It's such a waste of time! Think of all the things one could accomplish in all the hours spent sleeping. Such a waste....of course, I usually have very strange dreams, which probably adds to my dislike of sleeping. Oh has yet to aid me in this.

I don't have a lot to update. I finished a present swap I was involved with at AFA. Well, I finished the presents for the swap and got them mailed out. I do hope everyone likes their gifts. I think they will. Oddly enough, the one I was most concerned about turned out to be my favorite. Go figure. For those not familiar with present swaps, as I was not, essentially you join a group of people and make presents for one another. In this particular swap, I made 7 large, 7 medium, and 7 small or stocking stuffer type gifts for the persons in my group. I totally cheated, as Amy, my roommate, was one of the persons playing. I haven't finished her gift yet, though I technically have until Dec. 23. I like to think that I put my artistic energies into the other gifts. They're something I hope to sell on etsy, come the new year. So I really hope people like them.

Oh, yeah. That's going to be my new year's resolution: selling my art on etsy. I figure I have this skill I've worked a gagillion years on, I might as well make some money off it, right?


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